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When it comes to maintaining chimneys, it’s important to understand the difference between two key services: tuckpointing and rebuilding. Tuckpointing involves replacing worn-out mortar joints with a strong compound to reinforce the chimney’s structure. This method is ideal when only the joints are damaged and the bricks are still in good shape.

Chimney Services

In contrast, chimney rebuilding becomes necessary when the structural integrity of the chimney is compromised by problems like flaking, crumbling, or spalling. In severe cases, this can lead to damaged bricks, deteriorated mortar joints, and even issues with the chimney crown.
Chimney Services

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For damaged chimney crowns limited to the upper part of the chimney, such as from the roof line to the crown, we provide partial rebuilds. This area is vulnerable to damage from various elements, including weather, foundation settling, and even lightning strikes. If the damage is minor, like surface cracks, chimney crown repair may suffice. However, if the damage extends beyond the crown and affects the brickwork below, a partial rebuild is necessary to prevent a complete collapse.

In situations involving severe and extensive masonry damage, such as spalling, missing bricks, and compromised mortar joints, a complete chimney rebuild is the best solution. This process entails demolishing the existing structure and building a brand-new chimney. The advantage of rebuilding is the opportunity to customize the design to match your preferences and enhance your home’s overall appearance.

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